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Through Movement We Find Health

A neuromuscular integrative action methodology for health and wellness; Nia is based on principles known as, “The Body’s Way,” which situate a personal relationship with the physical body through sensory experience that engages the holistic mental, emotional, and spiritual growth and development of each human experience for sustainable change in their world and the world around them. For Winalee, this has been her vision and her mission for the education of thousands of people.

As an advocate for the earth, with all its many sacred discoveries and delights for whole being in wellness, mindfulness, and sustainability; this is what Winalee practices in her own daily art of living, as she shares the most important discovery of her lifetime, which is that, “Through Movement We Find Health.” She demonstrates this in each of her classes, sharing from her personal stories about the incredible number of students that she has welcomed to her classes all around the world.

From Australia to Israel to South Africa to Canada and back again to the United States, where she has traveled throughout all the many regions of her home country, Winalee brings her own incomparable contagious laughter, stylish charm, and professional expertise to each unique destination with a focus and intent on love for each unique life. As communities and as individuals, her students know immediately that she holds space for each and every person, one person at a time.

Winalee’s view from both above and below the surface of the waters of her life has always been tempered by her first experience among the dolphins she loves so well.

Their introduction to one another began a healing transformation in her own body, mind, soul, and spirit, as the silent presence of these loving mammals below water touched her own layered narratives from above that included not only joy, but sadness; not only celebration, but mourning; and not only peace, but suffering.

She brings this wisdom, knowledge, and understanding to all her many hours of instruction as she infuses holding a vigil of silence for others, when needed, through her remarkable, empathic, and gentle teaching methodology that is informed with years of her own independent research and study in wellness, mindfulness, and well being. In recent years, this has included the addition of Positive Psychology programs of study, which have proven to be a welcome addition by everyone.

Together with her husband, Ron, she made plans to open her studio in Lansing, MI in 2009 and named it Heartdance. The careful selection of that name came directly from her comprehension that all people with whom she interacts come to her with sensations of their own deep thoughts and emotions in their bodies that may cause other unwanted experiences in their lives. Her focus has always been to offer healing for every heart together with her intention that every heart finds wholeness.

Winalee’s dream for a vibrant, radiant, intimate space for everyone in her community, as well as the larger national and international community with heart sharing, heart healing, and heart dreaming continues onward as passionate creativity blossoms in every hour of time that every individual spends at Heartdance Studio. Nia Education classes, programs, workshops, and events are the anchor for her truly heartfelt location, even as it hosts many other unique and varied life celebrations.

Wholebeing Institute's Positive Psychology

A spiritual, physical, intellectual, relational, & emotional model of learning for higher levels of well being that creates and motivates overall wellness in individuals, groups, organizations which leads to overall health and success; this international program of study has enhanced and strengthened all of Winalee’s Nia instruction.

Often sharing her voice in both prose and song, Winalee lends her deep understanding of Wholebeing Institute’s Positive Psychology applications in her local, national, and global communities. Praised for her heart centered understanding of the life long human experience, Winalee creates and holds space for “people to be people” in all their varied expressions of transition and transformation. Her sacred intent is to honor and respect the dignity of all her students on their journey toward mindful awareness and well being.

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