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Melt: Hand & Foot

I recently completed the Melt Hand & Foot Instructor training with Sue Hitzman the founder of Melt Method.  I knew she would have added many new elements to her work since my original training ins 2010.  

The Mini Hand & Foot Treatment is simple and takes less time than what I have shared in the past.  I will review this treatment and inform you of how I am hoping to add more classes and add more steps when our community is ready and eager to add on.

I am also currently enrolled in the Melt Roller Instructor Course and will begin to share this extraordinary work soon.

Learn how to help erase pain and tension in your hands, feet, neck, and low back brought on by everyday stress, overuse, and age. This simple self-treatment can make your whole body feel better and provide relief from neck and low back pain, arthritis, bunions, plantar fasciitis, and carpal tunnel syndrome.

Come to a MELT Hand and Foot Treatment Class at Creative Wellness and discover how the connective tissue in your body gets dehydrated, the common aches and pains it can cause, and how to rehydrate this essential system in our bodies for vibrant health and pain-free movement.

Great gift idea to sign up with family and/or friends for proactive self-care for your connective tissue and health!

Join me in learning proactive tools you may use anywhere for your on-going self-care health care!

Creative Wellness

Melt: Mini Hand & Foot Treatment

Melt: Mini Hand & Foot Treatment Refresher Class*

this class if for those who have taken a prior class and does not include ball and bag.

To register for these classes, please call Creative Wellness @ 517-351-9240
Classes are located at: 2045 Abbot Rd Asher Ct. East Lansing, MI 48823

Michigan Athletic Club

Melt: Mini Hand & Foot Treatment

Melt: Mini Hand & Foot Treatment

To register for this workshop, please email
Michigan Athletic Club – 2900 Hannah Blvd E Lansing, MI 49923

Melt: Hand & Foot
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