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New research, study, and discovery in all Nia Education Programs continues, as Nia has done since its inception, to evolve and change for the accommodation of new and revolutionary somatic research, study, and discovery in science and medicine, while driven by a standard of excellence, authenticity, and credibility. The foundation of all Nia Education programs begins with Nia, Art of Sensation, which is continually and regularly offered by Winalee at Heartdance Studio.

And, each successive Nia Education program, which are extraordinary opportunities for diverse, inclusive, and equitable personal growth and development for everyone including; Art of Communication, Art of Perception, and Art of Creativity are all offered by Winalee at Heartdance Studio during each calendar year, even as she continues to offer her weekly Nia Classes scheduled at numerous locations, including Heartdance Studio, throughout the greater Lansing area.

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