Nia On Demand

Nia on Demand

The water is fine, as you are also invited to step in with Winalee at Nia On Demand, the Online Nia experience, in addition to all her classes she regularly offers live on ZOOM in Heartdance Studio.

These easy to access joyful, playful, artful experiences for immediate body, soul, and spirit uplifting, supporting, and elevating of each and every sensation will provide you with everything you need as you go about crafting your own mindfulness, wellness, and well being.

At, you will find Winalee’s own choreographed Nia Bodies of Work titled, Beautiful, Deep Dive, and her collaborative, Feeling. Blending movement, mindfulness, connection, and joy; these classic Nia Experiences provide a whole-body and whole-being experience that activates, transforms, and liberates the body, mind, emotions, and spirit.

Integrating ancient wisdom and modern science with elements of dance, martial arts and healing arts, Nia On Demand offers physical, mental, and emotional conditioning, healing and transformation that is accessible and attainable for every body, from any location, and especially the comfort of home.

Unlimited classes FREE for 14 days.

Nia On Demand in the comfort of your home.

With so many classes to choose from there is something for everybody. Discover workouts from 5 to 75 minutes for all levels and abilities including Classic Nia®, Moving to Heal, FLOORplay, Dance Breaks and more!

Nia On Demand
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