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Heartdance Studio - The Womb Room

The Womb Room

The story of Heartdance Studio is truly about the “birthing” of a dream. A dream that began as a seed, which was nurtured in the hearts of Ron and Winalee Zeeb. A dream that has now taken form and has blossomed into a living, breathing, colorful reality where limitless possibilities are available for an entire community.

The creation of Heartdance Studio actually started about 10 years ago while Ron and Winalee still owned their scuba business called ZZ UnderWater World. The desire to find another space to expand the possibilities for Winalee’s business, Heartdance, was calling to them. However, despite a great deal of searching, a suitable space to rent which radiated warmth, intimacy and accessibility could not be found. So, Ron and Winalee held on to their dream and their vision and waited.

Various twists and turns occurred over the next few years, and in Jan of 2008 they sold their scuba business of 28 years to a new owner.

The renovation of the storefront began right after Thanksgiving weekend in 2008. From the very first day construction began, the intention of creating a loving space shared by the community was held in the hearts of Ron & Winalee and Greg Byrd, their general contractor, as well as every valued person who worked on the project.

The workmanship was impeccable, the designs were inspirational, and the details were flawless. The space was created with loving hands and hearts which adds to the unmistakable magic and beauty of Heartdance Studio.

The first official Nia class focusing on Love, Praise and Gratitude began on Valentines Day Feb 14, 2009! An appropriate day for Heartdance Studio to open the doors with LOVE for all who enter.

Heartdance Studio is about Come-Unity! The space offers everyone who chooses an opportunity to share their passion and their gifts. It is about heart hopes…heart dreams…and heart sharing in limitless ways. Ron and Winalee held their vision that Heartdance Studio would be a “heart center” for the community.

Please come in. EnJoy the creative, expressive, passionate hearts who will be sharing here through classes and special events.

The Radiant Room - Coming Soon

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